Since 2011, we've helped heaps of NZ Police candidates pass their PAT.


The PAT isn't easy. Most people need months (not weeks) of training, following a well-planned training programme, to pass the test.


With your discipline and consistency, and our expertise and guidance, you should ace the PAT.


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We love making you faster, strong and more explosive.


We write detailed programmes addressing your weaknesses and consolidating your strengths.


Our skills and knowledge mean you progress quickly, safely and confidently. No injuries, no burn-out and no plateaus.


Our boot camps are great fun and excellent for general conditioning. With convenient times and locations, they are easy to fit into your schedule.


Every session is different and you are sure to work all the muscles in your body performing functional exercises that will help build base fitness.


Once we know your current level of fitness and we’ve agreed a deadline, we write a programme that will target areas of weakness and consolidate areas of strength. Every programme is different because everyone we train is different. 


Your training is structured around 4 week microcycles. At the end of every 4 week block, we re-test your fitness (by completing all the PAT tests) and your results determine  the content of your next training programme.

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I found Tom at To Be Personal Training excellent, very friendly to deal with and I like that he took the training sessions outside. I opted to go to a personal trainer as I was struggling to achieve the required time for the 2.4km run and the requirement for the vertical jump in the Police Physical Appraisal Test (PAT). I was very happy with Tom’s training sessions and he tailored a complex training program designed for both endurance for the run and explosive power for the vertical jump. With his help not only did I pass the PAT but I exceeded the requirements, and I would highly recommend Tom to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer.
Thank you very much Tom :)

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PAT is based on a points system where you receive a number of points for each component of the test, based on your specific performance. All applicants need to achieve a total of at least 11 points across the four test. You must achieve at least one point on each of the four tests. You can calculate your BMI here.


For the PAT, you will be tested on four basic elements. These are:


1. Run (2.4 km)


Body Mass Index   Under 19    19-30     Above 30
Over 12:00                      0               0               0 
11:16 - 12:00                 0               0               2
10:15 - 11:15                 2               3               4
Under 10:15                   4               5               6


Body Mass Index    Under 19   19-30    Above 30
Over 13:00                      0               0              0
12:16 - 13:00                 0               0              2
11:15 - 12:15                 2               3              4
Under 11:15                   4               5              6

2. Vertical jump


48 cms & over     3
40-47 cms           2
32-39 cms           1
Under 32 cms     0

40 cms & over     3
33-39 cms           2
26-32 cms           1
Under 26 cms     0

3. Push ups


34 & over      3
25-33            2
Under 25      0


20 & over      3
15-19            2
Under 15      0


4. Grip strength (not shown in video because it is very simple)


120 & over       3
105-119.9       2
90-104.9         1
Under 90         0 


70 & over         3
60-69.9            2
50-59.9            1
Under 50         0


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