Outdoor Training

Christchurch is a beautiful city with so many wonderful spots to train outside. We love running in the sand dunes, circuit training in the reserves and sprinting up the hills. The climate also allows for outdoor training all year round because it rarely gets too cold or wet to train.


No matter where you work out, we are experts at creating balanced training sessions that exercise and tone every muscle in the body through a variety of complementary compound exercises.

We select exercises that ensure that your body is performing the fundamental movement patterns that you have evolved to perform - no silly exercises for us. You’ll be pushing, pulling, running, squatting, lunging, twisting and bending!
We love variety and so every session will have a different structure (where appropriate) with different equipment and different exercises. We also have a great selection of portable and adaptable equipment so that you have the convenience of training wherever you like.

Fresh Air

Humans haven't evolved to sit all day in air conditioned boxes - we get you outside because it's good for you.

We run our Christchurch boot camps all year round - come along and get stuck in to fun and challenging workouts.

If you have friends or family who are also looking to tone up and get fit, you can train together and keep each other motivated.

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