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Our personal training is fun, functional and focused totally on you. No matter what your goal, no matter what your level of fitness, we have the skills and knowledge to get you fitter, faster.


We are mobile throughout Christchurch so we can train you at home, at work or outdoors; wherever is convenient.

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We create challenging workouts that exercise every muscle in the body through a variety of functional, compound and complimentary exercises. This style of training is great for developing an athletic physique.

There's more to running than just pounding the pavement. Whether you are new to running or very experienced, my technical drills, functional conditioning and progressive training programs will improve your performance.

As part of the CDHB's 'Something For You' program, We offer a 10% discount on your first 12 weeks if you are a CDHB employee or their partner. Refer a friend to us and we’ll give you a free session too.

No-nonsense training for busy people. Our sessions will get you in shape, blast away stress and leave you feeling ready to take on what life throws at you. Train at home, at work, in a park or wherever else is convenient. 

We've helped heaps of people train for their Police PAT. The fitness tests aren't easy but with our guidance and expertise, you'll be flying on the run, banging out the push ups and jumping like a kangaroo!



"Tom provides a professional service and is great to work with. Training sessions are always varied and adapted to target personal goals."


tone up

get fitter

& stronger


boost your metabolism

manage stress

& mood

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The Details

  Personal training is the ultimate way to get fit. We will keep you motivated and focused with continual encouragement and varied sessions. Under our supervision you will quickly learn how to train safely and effectively. You’ll make the most of every minute working out and the results will quickly follow.


We specialise in mobile and outdoor personal training so you can train wherever suits you. No matter where you train, we will arrive ready with a selection of innovative and adaptable equipment. We take great pride in the standard of my personal training. We are experienced and fully qualified, we love what we do and we constantly strive to become better at it.

Your journey starts with a free consultation. Over a cup of coffee, you can elaborate on your health and fitness goals. We will listen carefully and then explain what we can do for you. You can train with us as little of as often as you like. Our job is to work out a plan that fits your lifestyle, goals and budget. 


Your first session is our opportunity to test and measure your health and fitness. Your results determine the training programme that we design for you and provide a benchmark for your progress. Every 8 weeks we reassess your fitness to see how you have improved. If you’ve been following your training programme, you will see big improvements in your results and it’s time to celebrate!


We put great effort into building open and transparent relationships with our clients. We build relationships on trust, rapport and mutual respect, not guilt, intimidation and condescension.  If you are happy, we are happy. Get in contact now to arrange a free consultation - we would love to train you.


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