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Primathlon Success For Annarose

Updated: Feb 14

In October 2018 Annarose started her fitness journey with us. Before Christmas, we re-tested her fitness using our Primathlon testing system and her results were outstanding!

Like many other people, Annarose felt that was going to be the least fit person at the Primathlons but she was surprised to see a whole range of abilities and a really supportive and welcoming environment.

When Annarose started training, she struggled running, she didn’t have much strength and her general cardiovascular fitness needed working on. Basic exercises like push ups, squats and sit ups were tough but she really wanted to get fitter. For 12 weeks before Christmas Annarose training with fantastic discipline and consistency; all that we ask.

On completion of her follow-up Primathlon in late December, we eagerly compared the initial and final tests and the numbers were incredibly good for Annarose. Firstly, she smashed the 1.6km run, finishing in around 10 minutes; a 100% improvement on her initial performance because she initially couldn’t complete it (!).

Another awesome improvement came with our unique metronomic push ups; she increased her total by 6 reps which was a 67% improvement! We could also tell that she was stronger from her improved shot put performance. She was almost a meter further with both arms (shot put requires a lot of power and technique).

Annarose’s speed and agility also improved massively; she ran 12% faster in the 60m sprint and she finished the agility course 2 seconds faster. Well done Annarose!

Some people finding fitness testing very stressful; they worry that they’re going to fail or that they won’t be able to finish a test. This nervousness and anxiety disappears quickly during testing when you realise that it is fun and challenging, and you have overcome your negative thoughts. The sense of accomplishment is tremendous.


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