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Primaletix Boot Camps Exeter
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Humans have evolved to move. Hunting and gathering, exploring and building, fighting and dancing - movement is in our DNA.


Primaletix Boot Camps Exeter trains the Primal Athlete. Our innovative training programs cover all aspects of total fitness. We also encourage you to eat naturally and embrace fresh air and the elements.


Suitable for all levels of fitness, Primaletix is honest, intelligent and unpretentious. Rediscover your Primal Athlete with Primaletix.




Systematic program structures encompassing all aspects of fitness.

Training to develop versatile and harmonious bodies fit for the demands of life.








Exercise that contributes to general happiness, health and well-being.

A culture that promotes balanced and sustainable lifestyle habits.

Making people's lives better



A fitness philosophy shaped by our understanding of human nature.

A diverse fitness community with a supportive and inclusive environment.

Fresh air

Minimal technology

Natural food

Human interaction



Rational and honest training that is safe and sustainable.

A health and fitness philosophy developed with integrity and respect.








The ability to exert maximum force in minimal time.

Primathlon events:

Shot putt

Boot Camp in Exeter


The ability to repeatedly execute a sequence of movements efficiently and effectively.

Primathlon event:

Primaletix agility course

Exeter Boot Camp


The ability to exert force against a resistance.

Primathlon events:

Push up (variations)

Pull up (variations)

Primaletix AMRAP

Boot Camp in East Devon


The ability to exercise continuously for extended periods.

Primathlon event:

2400m/1600m run

Primaletix AMRAP

East Devon Boot Camp


The ability to move joints through a full range of motion.

Not tested in the Primathlon but contributes to all other test results


Primaletix Boot Camps Exeter is structured in 12 or 16 week programs known as ‘macrocyles’. Each macrocycle consists of 4 training blocks known as ‘microcyles’ (3-4 weeks long). Each microcycle focuses on different styles of training.



Foundation - Exeter Boot Camps

General Conditioning

Aerobic Volume

Core Stability



Capacity - Exeter Boot Camps


Aerobic Capacity

Running Drills

Agility Skills


Intensity - Exeter Boot Camps


Interval Training




Apex - Exeter Boot Camps


High Intensity

Low Volume

Event Preparation


The Primathlon is our unique 6 event fitness test designed to challenge every aspect of total fitness.

The events allow you to measure your progress (against yourself and others).

We conduct the Primathlon every 12-16 weeks and the test takes 1 hour. It is not compulsory but participation is encouraged. 

There is a supportive atmosphere with friendly competition. Most importantly, the event is great fun.

Primaletix Boot Camp
Community Boot Camp in Exeter


If you and other people in your community wish that there was a high-quality group fitness class that took place locally, please get in touch.


Primaletix fitness classes are designed to be conducted anywhere. We love to utilise local amenities, such as parks, hills, steps, beaches and playgrounds, to add even more  fun and variety. In the winter, all we need is a hall and even then, we'll get outside when possible.


Corporate group fitness classes are great fun. We have and almost endless number of team-building games that get you working hard and laughing even harder.

If your workplace doesn't have any sports facilities (such as tennis courts or gyms) do not worry, car parks are fantastic for fitness classes and also allow for team car shuttles (yep, you guessed it - pushing the instructor's car). Local parks are also great locations.

Corporate Boot Camp in Exeter
East Devon Primaletix Boot Camp


Our coaches have been training people at their homes, workplaces or convenient public spots for years.


Wherever we choose, our training is always safe, effective and innovative.


With Primaletix, you can get in shape with your friends and family at times and places that are convenient.


"This was exactly what I was looking for to get fit, outside the gym. You can choose where to meet for the session and use the surrounding to help with the session. Tom is very helpful and motivating and great knowledge."

"...excellent services, with a wide range to suit every body of any fitness level. I have joined Tom for three round of group circuit training. Each time the training is different, which keeps it interesting, and also gives you fast results. Participants of every fitness level are challenged and motivated throughout the whole session. Tom is happy to share his up to date knowledge, giving you a great understanding of how each exercise works best for you. Best of all, group sessions are fun and social."

"Monday night in Hansen Park a few month's ago was my first ever experience of being coaxed on by a trainer to finish a set of exercises before moving on to the next - but Tom does that motivating in such a pleasant and friendly way! None of the sergeant major ranting you might expect in a "boot camp", instead just lots of smiles and banter amongst us all. The circuits and other exercises which Tom creates for us are different each week, meaning we never quite know what to expect - always a fresh surprise. Thanks Tom, a great way to head for a fitter me!"

"Great group training, great atmosphere, great instructor! I definitely recommend...!"

"I returned from London looking for a replacement for boot camp - outside exercise that makes you work hard, keeps you fit and is fun!... Workouts are varied, challenging and get you in great shape! No matter what the weather, Tom has kept me motivated and interested."

"I really enjoy attending... I am challenged by all the different exercises, and like the variety in exercises every week. Tom supports every in the group to work at their own level."

"The group training sessions are heaps of fun (even in the cold, rain and mud) and a really good workout. Lots of laughs at the time and lots of sore muscles the next day :)"

"My decision to join that crazy group of folk out training in the park one dark wintery night was spot on. It might have been the peals of laughter that attracted me (good for the abs), or the earnest support and 'cheering on' that echoed around the park, or maybe just Tom's good old classic English sense of humour. Either way, my twice weekly escape from the kids to boot camp has become something I truly look forward to, and it blows away the tiredness of the long day, giving me heaps more energy and providing strength to my old injuries. Highly recommended for all levels of fitness!"

"Group training sessions with Tom are great. Fun and friendly atmosphere and fab training under the stars! Each week is different so you don't get bored. A great way to exercise for those who don't like the gym."

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East Devon Boot Camp


If you are interested in joining or setting up a boot camp, please get in touch using the form below.

Thank you. I will be in touch within a few days.

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