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Since 2011, To Be Personal Training Exeter has offered high-end personal training to busy professionals at their homes, workplaces and other convenient locations. From 2011 to 2020, To Be Personal Training was based in New Zealand, then it moved to Cambridge, and now it is in Exeter (for good!).

I have experience working with a variety of individuals, ranging from the very unfit to sportsmen and women who represent their country. I have worked with all ages; children through to the elderly, and also individuals with disabilities. The majority of my clients are busy professionals (e.g. doctors, lawyers and business owners) but I have worked with individuals from all walks of life; as far apart as rehabilitated drug dealers and politicians.

I serve Exeter, Exmouth and East Devon. I take on fewer clients than the average personal trainer which allows me to focus on delivering a high standard of personal training.

Mobile personal training in Exeter


You do not need a gym to be exceptionally fit. Since 2011, I have trained hundreds of individuals at their homes, workplaces and in suitable public spaces.

I have a selection of equipment that allows me to construct balanced and effective training sessions. What is more, I practice what I preach, and I use the same equipment to train myself outside all year round.

Many of my clients have gym equipment, ranging from a few dumbbells to snazzy home gyms. I know how to use all of this equipment effectively and happily incorporate it into training sessions. I can also advise clients what equipment to buy.

The great outdoors is full of opportunities to train. Hills, steps, sports fields and playgrounds are great places to work out. What is more, many public parks now have exercise equipment, much of which is very good (although some is dreadful).

Running coaching Exeter


When potential clients enquire about my Exeter personal training services, I like to speak to them over the phone to establish that I am a suitable trainer (e.g. they are in my geographical range and I have availability). Then I arrange a time to meet the potential client to discuss how we could work together. This is my opportunity to propose a plan and the potential client’s opportunity to ask me questions and satisfy themselves that I’m not a prat (there are plenty of them in the health and fitness industry). I am not pushy with sales, instead, I prefer to work with people to develop a plan that balances the work required to meet their goals with their budget, time commitment and capacity to train on their own.

If we agree to commence training, every client’s exercise plan is constructed from scratch to best meet their requirements. We then start training! Sessions are constantly changed as fitness improves.

I do not speak to my clients like children if they are not looking after their diet, getting into good sleeping habits or completing their training program at home. Of course, I nudge clients in the right direction, but I cannot be texting clients three times a day asking them to tell me what they are eating for their next meal. This is important because to make positive, long-term changes to their health and fitness, clients need to take responsibility for their actions and not rely on a pestering and patronising personal trainer (that’s a lot of ‘p’s). I am a very useful tool to help people get fitter and healthier, but ultimately the client needs to be dedicated and committed.

I ensure that a client’s training is fun, targeted and hard (but not horrendous). I also aim to make my training sessions something to look forward to.



Personal Training


Per session

(i.e. programs, technical evaluations etc.)


Personal Training


Per session

(Minimum fortnightly sessions)

Initial 12 week commitment for regular sessions


48 hour cancellation policy

Train in all but the most extreme weather


Buddy Training


Per session

(2-4 people & minimum fortnightly sessions)


Buddy Training


Per session

(i.e. programs, technical evaluations, etc. 2-4 people)

East Devon Boot Camp


I am very happy to arrange a time to meet with you to discuss your health and fitness goals. This is an obligation-free opportunity for you to hear what I have to offer. I dislike pushy sales techniques so please do not worry about feeling pressured. Usually this takes between 45 minutes and an hour. It can be conducted at your home, at your workplace, in a cafe or walking around a park. Please just fill out the form below.

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