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Benefits of Morning Training

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

As tempting as it is to keep hitting snooze on your alarm, this can be setting you up for a stressful day where you are catching up from the very beginning.

Not only do early birds ‘catch the worm’, they can also reap great benefits from their training. Morning training can be an instant mood booster that sets you up for a productive and less time pressured day. To do this successfully, it does require going to bed at a good time and getting a good night sleep.

Establish a routine

Morning workouts can create excellent consistency because your training plans won’t be as easily interrupted by other plans or tasks you have for the day. There is nothing wrong with training in the evening (most people choose to) but it can be easy to have those evening workout plans ruined because you’ve got all day to create excuses and for other commitments to crop up.

Boost your metabolism

When exercising on an empty stomach, your body is using stored fat as energy and training in the morning is the easiest way to train in a fasted state. A good workout will ‘boost your metabolism’ in the morning and lead to your body burning more calories at rest during the day ahead of you. What is more, exercise is known to sharpen your mental capacity. So who needs coffee in the morning?!

"Exercise in the morning helps to get your metabolism going, burning more calories throughout the day"says David Geier, MD, an orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist.

Get those feel good chemicals!

Endorphins are our very own, built-in happiness drug and they are released during exercise and also, it would appear, when exposed to sunlight. So training outside in the morning will start your day with feel-good boost that will hopefully lead to less stress and anxiety, and more positivity and happiness, through the day.

Build more muscle

To build muscle more efficiently you need testosterone. Some studies have also shown that when you wake up, the levels of testosterone in your body are at their highest for the day. This could mean that morning time is optimal for strength-training workouts.

Increase focus and concentration

There is a strong correlation between exercise and improved focus/concentration. Working out any time of the day will give you a brain boost and increased focus/concentration, but after an evening workout you’re likely to wind down and not necessarily ‘need’ the brain boost like you will for a productive day.

Improve sleep

Starting the day the day on the front foot means that come the evening, you are able to just wind down and relax. For some people this will be a great routine to ensure longer, deeper and better quality sleep.

It can be difficult getting into a routine of working out in the mornings. For many people, it just isn’t feasible. For others, the benefits of morning training are outweighed by the fact that they just hate getting up early! As with everything to do with your health and fitness, it’s is paramount that you discover what suits you best.

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