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Dedication, Discipline and Focussed Training Gets Results!

Updated: Feb 14

Last weekend Rachel successfully ran 22km as part of a 4 person endurance relay. This was a hard 22km! All off-road with plenty of elevation.

The image shows Rachel's first week of training along with her hardest week of training (2 weeks prior to the event).

What incredible progression!

In the first week Rachel was barely running at all but after 6 months Rachel was running for over 2 hours just in training!

This is how she did it...

1. Sensible volume progression. Running programmes are all about managing and progressing volume of impact. Impact (i.e. every time you plant your foot) is what causes injuries and stops people training.

2. Improved technique. If you are not running with compact and efficient technique, every time you stride the forces of impact will find weak spots and you'll get strains and pains.

3. Conditioning. Strong muscles and joints help you to withstand the impact of striding. Running drills are a great way to get stronger in key areas (ankles and hips).

4. Attitude. Rachel is incredibly disciplined and her determination is so admirable. If you trust your trainer and do the work, the results come!

Well done Rachel - incredible achievement!


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