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Stock Up On Chocolate Milk

Updated: Feb 14

We all know that after a tough workout it is important to consume food to promote your recovery. Sometimes you will grab something quick on the go, other times you won’t consume anything. The sports market makes billions telling you that you need 'that shake', or 'that supplement', or that 'protein bar'. However, there is some good news for chocolate milk lovers (perhaps not so good for those with dairy allergies). Chocolate milk post-workout is just as good, if not better than any other product on the market.

Chocolate milk is consumed by many athletes worldwide and studies are continuing to show the benefits of chocolate milk post-workout. Chocolate milk is full of vitamins and minerals such as; B-complex vitamins, calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D. Not only is it good for your bones and muscles it is easily accessible, inexpensive and practical.

Chocolate milk has a perfect protein to carbohydrate ratio and that is what makes it so valuable after exercise. The ideal ratio is 4 grams of carbohydrates to 1 gram of protein (J.Stager, Indiana University).

When you exercise you put your muscles under stress, causing damage to your muscle fibres. In order for muscle repair and growth to occur you need protein. You also need carbohydrates. When you exercise you deplete your muscle glycogen stores. After you finish exercising you need to replenish these stores with carbohydrates (sugar). The sugar goes to your muscles to become glycogen, which is the fuel your muscles use for energy. Chocolate milk is ideal because it provides you with both the protein and carbohydrate your body needs.

So drink up!

The studies show that chocolate milk is great for moderate-intense exercise and can help promote the recovery and repair to your muscles and body after your workout. Ideally you want to consume your chocolate milk within 30-45 minutes’ post exercise.

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