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I am a UK Athletics coach offering mobile running coaching in Exeter, Exmouth and East Devon.

There’s more to running than just pounding the pavement for mile after mile. Running drills, conditioning work and structured running programs will take your performance to another level.

Whether you are new to running or a seasoned racer, I can help you train more effectively, avoid injury and perform better.

Running coach in Exeter


I always get a few enquiries about coaching the week after the local marathon.

Running events can be painful and miserable if you haven't prepared adequately, but my coaching will make the experience enjoyable and rewarding.

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Running is one of the simplest, easiest and most fundamental forms of exercise. All you need is a pair of trainers, and you can workout anywhere at any time.

It isn't without it's risks, and my coaching will set you up to get the most out of your miles.

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Running coaching client


If you need help meeting a standard of fitness to join or progress in the military, get in touch.


Amongst others, I've sucessfully coached officer trainees preparing for RMA Sandhurst.

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In New Zealand, I helped many Police recruits pass their compulsory fitness assessment (which included a challenging 2.4km run).

If you are looking to join an Emergency Service, and you want to improve your running, I can help.

Exeter Running Coaching
Running Coach in East Devon
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Running coaching clients in Exeter
Exeter running coaching client


Functional conditioning strengthens muscles and joints making them more resilient to injury. It improves force absorption and force production which ultimately leads to improved running economy. It’s also good fun and great variety.


Once I know your current level of fitness and we’ve agreed on a goal, I write a program that gets you from A to B safely and effectively. Programs consist of training zones, warm-ups, cool downs, running schedules and conditioning work.


Running drills are a great way to improve your technique. They are also good for conditioning and aerobic fitness. An efficient running technique improves your economy and makes it easier for your body to cope with the stresses of running.


"Had looked around for a coach for a while and found many other trainers to be reluctant to meet - preferring to build on their online and virtual offering (Covid not being the cause of this preference) which I found strange. I wanted someone to push me, check my technique and occasionally run with me too!! Really enjoy our bi-weekly/weekly training sessions, the frequency depending on where I am in the plan that Tom designed for me. Absolutely chuffed with the progress - and the sessions are actually fun, despite having to work ridiculously hard!... Strongly recommend training with Tom..."

"I've never had a personal trainer before and it was a big step to engage one. I couldn't have found a better person than Tom. He is clearly knowledgeable and experienced, is organized and inspirational and is a very easy person to relate to. I've made big progress over the couple of months that I've been with Tom and would highly recommend him to others."

"Tom has been great at pushing us just that little bit harder while keeping things varied and interesting, always enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very reliable. He's been very good at dealing with pair of us with quite a disparity between abilities. My running has improved to the point where I'm back pushing my personal best times even though I'm training much less (but smarter) than before."

"...As an added bonus, my improved fitness led to my fastest ever marathon(3:34) and half marathon (1:34). Thank you Tom for your positive encouragement, motivation and support."

"If you'd like to get fit and have fun doing it, this is definitely something for you! To Be Personal Training's no-nonsense attitude to fitness, constant motivation and extremely varied sessions make for a great experience. I've become addicted to exercising, which was the goal, and I have never been as fit as I am now! Keep up the great work!"

"I can't thank Tom enough for all his help in training me to complete my first marathon. He works around your schedule to ensure you meet your commitments. Can definitely recommend for both physical and mental training! :-)"

"I found Tom at To Be Personal Training excellent, very friendly to deal with and I like that he took the training sessions outside. I opted to go to a personal trainer as I was struggling to achieve the required time... in the Police Physical Appraisal Test (PAT). I was very happy with Tom’s training sessions and he tailored a complex training program designed for both endurance for the run and explosive power for the vertical jump. With his help not only did I pass the PAT but I exceeded the requirements, and I would highly recommend Tom to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer. Thank you very much Tom :)"

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I am very happy to meet with you in Exeter or East Devon to discuss your running goals and watch you run. This is an obligation-free opportunity for you to hear what I have to offer. I dislike pushy sales techniques so please do not worry about feeling pressured. Usually, this takes between 45 minutes and an hour. It can be conducted at your home, at your workplace, or in a park. Please just fill out the form below.

Thank you. I will be in touch within a few days.

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