It’s easy to get lost and confused in pursuit of your health and fitness goals. We are experienced and knowledgeable and will disperse the fog, cut through the confusion and set you on a path to better health, fitness and performance.


Every day we are bombarded with information about ‘super foods’, ‘revolutionary’ diets and ‘ground breaking’ exercise plans. Images of flat stomachs, sculpted buttocks and bulging biceps are all around us. We are misled into thinking that we can achieve unreal results in no time.

Here at To Be Personal Training we take a rational, holistic and common-sense approach to health and fitness. Rather than being preoccupied with air-brushed models, gimmicky diets and laughable infomercials, we focus on continually developing our knowledge and skills so that we can improve our methods and philosophies.

When we train, we make sure that the fundamentals are right. We ensure that you are working at the correct intensity, your routines are balanced and your training has a purpose. It is also vital that you are having fun!

For many people, long term improvements in health and fitness require big changes to lifestyle and habit. A vital part of our role is to coach and support clients through these changes. This is not easy but it is fundamental. 


Indoors or outdoors, at home or at work, our sessions are always fun, functional and focused totally on you.

To Be Personal Training is mobile throughout Christchurch. We train where it is most convenient for you - at home, work or outside.

You don't need a gym to keep fit. We design varied, fun and effective outdoor training sessions throughout the year.


If you have suitable space at home or at work, we can bring the fitness kit and train you there - convenient and easy.

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