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Arriving in Exeter

Updated: Feb 14

Yesterday (20th March 2023) was the Spring Equinox. This is when the day is as long as the night, and spring officially begins in the UK, although some of the tell-tale signs of spring have been visible for weeks now (daffodils, lambs and washing on the line getting dried in the sun then soaked with a downpour).

The second half of winter was very busy in our household. We relocated our entire lives from South Cambridgeshire to Exeter. Bizarrely, it was more stressful than moving from New Zealand to the UK in 2020. In New Zealand, the only option was to spend thousands of dollars on a removal company, but in the UK, we could save money by packing ourselves. I'm never one to shirk physical activity, so I got stuck-in, but it was a surprisingly tough job!

We're now settled in a suburb of Exeter called Topsham. We're very close to the Exe Estuary, and a short drive from the Jurassic Coast (a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the geology and fossil hunting opportunities). It feels very similar to Christchurch in New Zealand with great beaches, plenty of hills, an outdoorsy population and a great Rugby team (the Exeter Chiefs are one of the Northern Hemisphere's best club rugby teams). I must admit that one of the most disappointing things about living in Cambridge was the lack of hills and subsequently brutal steps to run up! Things will be different in Devon!

Although we're only renting and we plan need to buy a house within a few years, we've finally settled somewhere where we will stay long-term. This means that after 3 years of being in semi-limbo with To Be Personal Training, I can finally get back to working hard on rebuilding my business to full capacity. I have some really exciting projects that I am working on, and these projects should come to fruition soon. I look forward to sharing them with you!

Pictures below: today's cycle ride to Exmouth and back. I thought I was smiling. Apparently not 😐


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