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Christchurch's Best Steps

Updated: Feb 14

Steps are great for anyone who loves training outdoor and in Christchurch you can find heaps of them! We have put together a list of the best steps that you can work out on. All these steps are public.

Located off Albert Terrace just beside St Martins School, these are some of the most popular stairs in Christchurch. The steps are 150 meters long and ascend 94 meters. The steps aren’t far from the city; just 10 min by car from the city centre. How many times can you go from the bottom to top in 30 minutes? Tip: In wet and hot weather don’t forget insect repellent as you will get quite a lot of bites.

You can find these steps in Cashmere just off Holliss Avenue. If you head north towards Hollis Avenue from Holliss Reserve and pass Gunn Crescent, you will find these steps on the right side. Great for all fitness levels, the steps are around 50 meters long with a 13 meter ascent. The first half is more inclined but then it gets easier in the middle portion. This is a great location as you can complement your training with some exercises at Holliss Reserve or continue the adventure at Rossmore Terrace (see below).

When you get to the top of Hollis steps, keep walking up through Rossmore Terrace and you will find these steps. This set of steps are perfect to continue training from Holliss Avenue steps. With a length of 60 meters and 30 meters of ascent, this set of steps is a great option for those who want to do a longer and steeper step session. With and amazing view from the bottom, here you find everything you need to motivate you.

Purau Reserve is beautiful and sheltered all year round. Beware of the biting insects though! There is a choice of 3 sets of steps (the ones pictures are the arguably the best) and a nice long hill from the start of the Reserve to the bridge. The first set of steps is at the bottom of the hill. The steps pictures are just beyond the bridge at the top of the hill and beyond them, there is a short, muddy and very steep set of steps. With all this variety, you’ve got plenty of options for your training in one place.

These steps are located in Cashmere connecting Valley Road with Macmillan Avenue. They are 120 meters long with a 45 meter ascent. If you start your training from Cashmere Tennis Club you can walk up to the steps along Valley Road as a warm up, and then you will find the steps just on the corner where Valley Road turns to the left. These steps are inconsistent which makes them wonderfully tricky! If you love a coffee at the end of your training, Zeroes Café is on Cashmere Road.

Located by 45 Port Hills Road These steps are excellent for beginners as they are around 100 meters long but with just 20 meters of ascent. You are also close to Heathcote Domain (a great park) and the Bridle Path Walk up to the Gondola.

Notes: The Rapaki steps are not included on this list because they are not public. We do not use these steps because they are on private land. They're also not particularly good so why annoy the locals?

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