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Introducing Isabel!

Updated: Feb 14

Isabel Meza

Hi! I am Isabel and I am very excited to start this adventure at To Be Personal Training. I am from Chile and so my first language is Spanish - so please forgive me if my English is a bit strange sometimes! I have been living in Christchurch since 2014 and I have really enjoyed my time here! I enjoying being part of the Christchurch community and I want to share my knowledge and experience to help Cantabrians become fitter and healthier. Here is a little bit about myself.

Exercise has been always important in my life. My journey in exercise and sports started when I realized that exercise was important not only for fat loss, it was essential for people with different diseases such as Parkinson disease as my grandma experienced. Thanks to my mother, who invited me to see her rehabilitation, I realized they were doing exercises to minimize the "shaking" that is a very common symptom for this group of people. I was amazed how exercise helped the community to feel understood, safe and supported making them stronger and happier. I realized that it exactly what I want to do in my life: help people and communities becoming healthier, stronger with physical activity and healthy nutrition.

I have a wide range of experience, I worked with children with developmental disabilities helping them to gain strength in their extremities and coaching for wheelchair sports. Also, I supported children with cancer doing different winter sports, making their recuperation bearable. Also, I finished my thesis working with people with low back pain performing exercises in the water having great results. After some years I started working in a sport and rehabilitation centre helping athletes for better perform and also, making rehabilitation programs with strength exercises and conditioning training for those athletes that suffered an injury. I have worked in different gyms as well, performing different group classes and personal training sessions.

Isabel Meza

In 2005, I started studying Bachelor and Exercises Science at the University of Santiago, where I learned about the human body, biomechanics, different sports and rehabilitation. Also, I learned about sports and exercises at different levels, ages, capabilities, and conditions and I loved it. Thanks that knowledge I can understand my clients better helping them to reach their goals. As my career was great in my country I wanted to open my wings and try different experiences abroad. I started doing a hydro-exercises course in Brazil, after some years, I worked as a massage therapist in Australia and then I started working in Christchurch in a gym. It's been amazing how people from different countries can help to develop yourself to be stronger and passionate with your life.

I am very happy to keep learning and developing myself at To Be Personal Training. I am so excited to know you all and help you as much as I can. I will try to push you harder every day and together we can be healthier and fitter every day!


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