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Look Sassy and Stunning for Your Wedding

Updated: Feb 14

If you're looking to get in shape for your wedding, To Be Personal Training can help you. Here are some common questions we get asked about getting in shape for your big day:

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When should a bride-to-be start a health and fitness plan?

If you want to look sassy and stunning for your wedding, you need to get focused and start your health and fitness plan months, not weeks, before your wedding. With the right guidance and a positive attitude, you’ll see great results in 3 months, outstanding results in 6 and a total transformation in 12!

How much can she actually change before her wedding? What does change depend on?

The amount of change you will experience with a health and fitness plan will depend on two things; how much you do and how focussed your efforts are. If you make a big effort (starting well before your wedding) and your fitness program is focusing this effort in the right direction, you’ll get awesome results. Your must be consistent and patient; there are no magic shortcuts with health and fitness, just faster and slower routes. Having the focused advice and guidance of a Personal Trainer ensures that you are taking the fastest possible route.

What are the long-term effects of starting a health and fitness plan?

We all know about the long-term benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle - reduced risk of illness and injury, longer life expectancy, greater self-esteem and happiness to name but a few. A health and fitness plan should be a strategy that not only improves health and fitness in the short term, but also generates better habits around eating and exercising (and let’s not forget about sleep, stress management, emotional health etc.). The perfect plan should actually lead to positive, long-term lifestyle changes.

What are some foods that brides should avoid in the weeks before her wedding day?

In the last few weeks before your wedding, you will hopefully be in the habit of eating high quality, wholesome, fresh and natural foods. If you’ve been eating these foods, you’ll look and feel fresh and vibrant; after all, you are what you eat! It is also important to listen to your body and understand what your body likes and dislikes. Everyone is different and people’s digestive systems cope differently with certain foods types (like grains and dairy products). If bread makes you feel bloated, you definitely don’t want to be scoffing toast the night before your wedding!

What are some common mistakes women make as they try to tone up and lose weight?

Losing weight and toning up is very difficult when sections of the “health and fitness” industry disseminate myths about what you need to do. Arguably the biggest myth is that you can spot-reduce body fat. Doing thousands of repetitions of a bizarre moves on the latest ab exercising equipment from the shopping channels will not necessarily give you a trim and toned tummy. You get a great stomach by eating well, watching the calories and by following a balanced training program. Another myth is that you can change your body overnight with a revolutionary new diet or exercise. Rapid weight loss through excessive calorie restriction should be avoided and binge exercising is just going to lead to exhaustion, burn-out and injury. So be patient, get reliable guidance and enjoy the journey!

Why is it beneficial for a bride-to-be to get guidance from a personal trainer?

A good personal trainer will keep you energised and enthusiastic about your health and fitness. They will also ensure that this energy and enthusiasm is being directed in the best possible direction with effective exercise prescription, programming and dietary advice. This will get you in great shape for your big day. A very good personal trainer will also be a coach and mentor who guides you through lifestyle changes and encourages you to take ownership and responsibility for your health and fitness.

What do you do to help brides/bridesmaids get in great shape for a wedding?

I do not adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach to training people for their wedding. Everyone is unique so I need to prescribe the right exercises, give the right advice and construct a suitable program. I also need to adopt a style of coaching and training that will get the most from an individual. There are various types of training that we can have fun with, such as traditional weight training, circuits, boxing, running training and cross-fit style workouts. Whatever style we choose (often it is a mix), it is vital that our sessions are varied, fun and executed at the right intensity. I also encourage my clients to get outside (all year round) because I think that fresh air, sun light and a bit of muck are great for your mind and body. My vehicle is kitted out with a great range of portable, adaptable and innovative equipment so I can train clients where it is most suitable for them; this could be at home, at work, on the beach or in a park.

Can you help men get in shape for their wedding days as well?

Absolutely! Guys are no different to girl - the process is just the same!

What is the biggest piece of advice you can give to a bride as she gets in shape for her wedding?

The biggest piece of advice I can give to a bride (who is serious about getting in shape for a wedding) is to start training and eating well sooner rather than late. Improving your health and fitness takes time, consistency and patience. You should also invest in your health and fitness. Work out a budget and decide how to spend the money. Divert money away from bad habits (like smoking, drinking or eating fast food) and invest this money in your health and fitness. You might decide to see a personal trainer or you may fancy joining a boot camp or fitness class. Don’t forget your diet; spend that little bit extra on good quality, wholesome and fresh food – you’re worth it!

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