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Running Drills

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

I came across this quote from Mike Powell last week:

“I tell the kids I coach that dancing and athletic movement are the same thing and the more you control the movement, the more efficient you are.”

For all you runners out there - this is one of the reasons why I endorse running drills. Not only are running drills a great way to condition your muscles in very functional and running specific way, they are also fantastic for developing control, coordination and balance. This in turn leads to improved efficiency and economy which means that you can go further using the same amount of effort.

For those of you who just train to keep fit, don't forget that agility, coordination and balance are also components of fitness. Don't solely focus on strength, stamina and endurance.

If you've got a spare minute, watch this video and see Mike Powell jump almost 9 metres (that's almost the length of two Toyota Hiluxes back-to-back).

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