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Which Diet Should I Choose?

Updated: Feb 14

The BBC website recently had an interesting article about different diets -

Every commercial diet tries to take a unique approach to losing weight. This 'unique selling point' is crucial to the commercial success of a diet because we all secretly want to take the shortest route to success, if a diet is selling a 'new' and 'more effective' approach, of course we're all hooked!

Unfortunately, studies like the one referred to in the article below (and I've read others that support the results) demonstrate that there is very little difference between diets. What makes them successful is calorie restriction and food quality. It doesn't appear to matter too much how much protein, fat or carbohydrates you consume.

So what should you do? Here are some tips...

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1. Avoid gimmicky diets that are just plain silly.

2. Don't rush your weight loss (slow and steady wins the race).

3. Don't get too hung up about your weight (very few of us have the genetics to be supermodels).

4. Understand that your weight challenge doesn't end when you reach your target weight. Your biggest challenge is maintaining your weight once you've lost it. Yo-yo dieting is dreadful and so once you've hit a good weight, focus on changing your eating habits and lifestyle so that you can easily sustain your weight.

5. Keep an eye on quantity (but don't get anal about it - calorie counting is bloody boring and guaranteed to demotivate!).

6. Focus on quality - this is the key. Eat good wholesome and natural grub that your body agrees with. Reward your body with nutritious food.

7. Keep active.

Good luck on your journey! :D


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