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Exeter Arena sprint training
Exeter Speed sprint training


Exeter Speed is a performance sprint training group in East Devon coaching athletes over distances from 60m to 400m, and sportspeople looking to improve their on-field speed.

My name is Tom, and I have closely observed, experienced and studied, first-hand, the methods of numerous coaches who have produced Olympic sprinters (including medallists). I have also coached sportspeople who compete at national and international level.

Exeter Speed was created in 2024 with the aspiration of providing the same high-quality coaching in a fun environment for athletes (aged 14+) wishing to perform to their full potential. Younger individuals may be invited to join the group if appropriate.


I welcome athletes of all standards. It is important to me that an athlete has a great attitude and a willingness to work hard, regardless of how much talent they have.


I take as much satisfaction from a newbie running a personal best, or a sportsperson displaying new-found speed on the pitch, as I do when a super-fast athlete runs a PB.


Training programs are planned in great detail. General preparatory training begins in the autumn and we build to the indoor season. In the late winter, we return to general preparatory training and build again for the summer. The fundamental components of your training are covered in the 3 running-based sessions each week. There is also optional extra training athletes can complete on their own. Training is slightly different for sportspeople.

Sprint training in Exeter
Exeter Arena


Exeter Speed has 3 running-based sessions per week.

  • Monday at Exeter Arena (all year).

  • Wednesday at various grass locations (depending on the time of year).

  • Friday at Exeter Arena in the summer, and other locations in the winter.

All sessions start at 7:30 pm and finish before 9 pm.


Sprinting is a priority in our training program all year round. We subtly vary this speed work through the training year.


Beyond this, athletes need to have some basic aerobic fitness and endurance capacity. They also need to be strong, powerful, elastic, balanced and coordinated.


So, our program involves strength work, resisted running, ballistic training, plyometrics, drills and other training methods.

These sessions are currently free (minus facility costs) whilst the training group grows. By the end of the 2024 summer season, I will be charging a weekly fee.


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