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Exeter Sprint Training



I am a UK Athletics coach offering sprint training in Exeter, Exmouth and East Devon. I'm also the sprints and hurdles coach for the Exeter University Athletics Club, and I have the highest sprint & hurdles qualifications available through England Athletics.

I know how to program and coach effective training for track and field sprint events. I also have extensive experience developing the speed and agility required for team sports.


My athletes have ranged from disabled children to sportspeople representing their country.



Speed and agility are fundamental components of fitness that will give team sportsmen and women the edge over their opponents.

I really enjoy training groups of sportspeople. If they've not done sprint-specific training before, there is usually great scope for improvement.

Pace on a sports field is slightly different to pace on an athletics track, but I know how to adapt training methods.


If you're looking for a fully qualified UK Athletics coach to take your group of sprinters, please get in touch.

My training methods are advanced but accessible, and I'm friendly, welcoming and willing to train individuals of all abilities (I dislike coaches who focus on the fastest athletes to the detriment of others).


I'm also not possessive over athletes and I enjoy building relationships with other coaches.


One-on-one training is a great way to rapidly improve an individual's speed and agility.

With my complete focus, I can quickly spot technical weaknesses and make the necessary interventions to improve someone's performance.


With younger individuals in particular, big changes are often witnessed within only a few sessions.


I have in-depth knowledge of speed training for track and field, and extensive experience putting this knowledge into practice. I also understand how to adapt speed training for field and court sports.


To develop speed, there is value in spending time working with weights and other forms of resistance. I know how to put together strength & conditioning programs that will complement speed and agility training.

Speed training conditioning


For sportsmen and women, there is more to speed than just being able to get from A to B quickly in a straight line. The ability to change direction sharply is a skill that can be taught and developed.

Sprint training Exeter


Knowing the science and theory behind speed training is one thing, being able to ‘tune in’ with athletes and sportsmen/women to keep them excited and motivated is another thing altogether. I love working out what makes individuals ‘tick’.


"Lovely working with Tom, he has shaped my training routine and help me improve my form very rapidly."

"I have been training with Tom for six months now and it has been really great. Tom is very friendly, pleasant and professional and I have made more progress than I ever have before with a tailored strength and resistance programme."

"Have been training under Tom for around 3 years, Great trainer, he allows for all fitness levels, enjoying getting results."

"Absolutely love the programme I've been working on! Friendly, Realistic and Highly Motivating! Thanks heaps!"

"My 14 year old son has been having 1:1 running sessions with Tom in Linton over the last 5/6 months. Tom has been great throughout the whole process, very professional and very knowledgeable. He put my son at ease right from the start and always explains what they are doing and why. My son's running technique was hugely improved through these sessions. I'd highly recommend using Tom for your personal training needs."

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Exeter sprint training


I am very happy to meet with you in Exeter or East Devon to discuss your goals and watch you run. This is an obligation-free opportunity for you to hear what I have to offer. I dislike pushy sales techniques so please do not worry about feeling pressured. Usually, this takes between 45 minutes and an hour. It can be conducted at your home, at Exeter Arena, or in a park. Please just fill out the form below.

Thank you. I will be in touch within a few days.

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