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Client Running Success

Updated: Feb 14

I had a lady absolutely smash a session last night.

This lady got in touch with me about 8 weeks ago because she wanted help with her running for Sandhurst Military Academy. She needed to improve her running in general but with specific attention to 2km (a distance used to test officer trainees).

We've had 4 sessions together, and she's followed my program diligently. When she came to me, she was fit, but just unfamiliar with how to train for endurance running. We worked hard on her pace and intensity judgement so that she was able to complete different types of running sessions effectively. This was something she had really struggled with before (she had a tendency to run too fast, and then need to stop, then feel like she wasn't very good at running).

Last night, we decided to test her 2km along the beachfront in Exmouth. She nailed her pacing and finish in 9:25 - a personal best and comfortably below the required time at Sandhurst. What is more, we followed it up with 3 x 1km at 5km race pace, which she nailed too! One of the best sessions from a client for a long time.

Oh, and I also learnt a new term for when you're a bit podgy and out of shape (apparently it's a Sandhurst thing) - 'yoghurt body' (or 'yogbod' for short).


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