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Speed Coaching Exeter


Exeter Speed Coaching


I offer mobile speed coaching in Exeter, Exmouth and East Devon.

Speed is a fundamental component of fitness that can be significantly improved through expert coaching and comprehensive programs.

I have experience coaching track and field athletes and sportsmen/women in all of the major field sports. My clients have ranged from children learning basic movement skills to adults representing their country.


I have in-depth knowledge of speed training for track and field, and extensive experience putting this knowledge into practice. I also understand how to adapt speed training for field and court sports.


For sportsmen and women, there is more to speed than just being able to get from A to B quickly in a straight line. The ability to change direction sharply is a skill that can be taught and developed.


To develop speed, there is value in spending time working with weights and other forms of resistance. I know how to put together strength & conditioning programs that will complement speed and agility training.


Knowing the science and theory behind speed training is one thing, being able to ‘tune in’ with athletes and sportsmen/women to keep them excited and motivated is another thing altogether. I love working out what makes individuals ‘tick’.

Speed Coaching Exeter


 "Tom is helping my family with fitness training at Saffron Walden.  His sports knowledge, enthusiasm and sense of fun are making a big difference to our family commitment to the programme."

Exeter Sprint Training
East Devon Speed Coach
Speed Coaching in Exeter
Speed Coaching
East Devon Sprint Training
Sidmouth Speed Coach


I am very happy to arrange a time to meet with you to discuss your health and fitness goals. This is an obligation-free opportunity for you to hear what I have to offer. I dislike pushy sales techniques so please do not worry about feeling pressured. Usually this takes between 45 minutes and an hour. It can be conducted at your home, at your workplace, in a cafe or walking around a park. Please just fill out the form below.

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